Thursday, December 22, 2005


and this one's for ... tha ladies

If you are a male librarian (manbrarian) then you are used to being, if not the only dude in the room, certainly one of a very few.

This is not a big deal. I don't get to geek on basketball at work. No one to geek with.

You must remember, however, that this is female turf and you are a guest, no matter how long you've been there or how "non-traditionally male" you think you are. Keep these guidelines in mind.

Women will not ask you to help set up for birthday parties, events, holiday parties, potlucks, etc. They will just do it. THIS DOES NOT ABSOLVE YOU FROM HELPING OUT. Don't stand there and say "How can I help?" like your dad on Thanksgiving. Finding something for someone to do is one more fucking thing to do. Don't just let "the girls" handle it and hide in your office until it's time to eat. Don't bring in food that your wife or special ladyfriend made, or for fuck's sake don't tell anyone. Make it yourself, big boy.

If you talk all the time in groups, it's not because you are a genius. Women tend to be collaborative and deferential. Talk less. Listen more. This applies doubly if you are the boss.

Don't assume that your man-status confers upon you expert knowledge of cars, electronics, politics, money or home repair. They're women, not 7th graders. Respond if asked.

Remember, men are relative newcomers to librarianship. The flame was kept burning for decades by the women who had our jobs before us. Better recognize.

Thanks to the title of your post, I read it with 70s (and earlier) porn music running through my head. Some of that sounded strangely dirty. The Pink Collar? Yeah, I know what you're really talking about. You can pretend to be civilized, you can pretend to be above it, but I know what you really meant when you advised guys to be "big boys" and not stand around like dad on Thanksgiving, who is useless until he's got his big tool in his hand and is having his way with the spread-eagle bird.

Ahem! Or maybe it's just me. That could be. Life's more interesting with 70s porn as the soundtrack, dontcha think?
I feel like growing a mustache now, for some reason.
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