Thursday, December 22, 2005


if I hear one more word about Google

We, as a profession, need to shut up about Google.

Librarians talk endlessly about Google.

"Well, most of the students I see think they can just Google it."

" ... or they just run to Google."

Can we please cut the fucking shit?

What the hell is the matter with us?

One more frumpy, mousy, cat-obsessed, jumper-wearing, "Buffy"-rerun-watching librarian sniffing derisively about patrons whoring on Google for term papers and I'm going Bruce Banner on that ass. I'm bursting out of my purple pants, turning green and Hulk is going to smash. HULK SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough. Enough already. Let's just move on. It's a tool. It finds stuff. You won't be out of a job. They're not going to shutter the Bodleian because "The Da Vinci Code" is on the Internet.

The truth is no one has any idea what Google is going to do to the Sisterhood. We still don't know what the full effect of the Internet itself is on the profession and we've been living in a live-fire exercise for the last fifteen years.

Shut up. Sack up. Cowboy up. The Sisters have been around since before electricity. Before Columbus. Before paper for Christ's sake. Stop worrying. Shut up and play.


Judging by the keyword searches using Google that land on my blog, I can guaran-damn-tee that Google is being used when people need to find things they don't want to ask the Sisterhood about. Be glad, chicas, because when I got a hit on my site from someone seeking "babysitter incest pictures," I'm out of my fucking mind happy that they didn't approach me about that one, but plugged (hehe, I said butt-plugged) their needs into Google and got their jollies in ways that didn't include me. Because I probably would've beaten that patron to death with some Chilton books.
I agree. These were the same people swooning about the Internet replacing libraries. Who else is going to put the restroom out of order when it gets backed up, or give the evil eye to people who need evil eye-ing?
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