Monday, January 30, 2006


Library Director of the Year

Have you noticed it ALWAYS goes to someone at the top of the pay scale? Someone with a large budget, staff and building?

I think it's a lot more impressive to work-part time with a master's degree, too little support or supplies, in a dangerous building or neighborhood. I think I could learn a lot more from someone like that getting several pages in our flagship publication every year.

I know librarians with roommates. I know librarians whose lunch plans are based on the money left until the end of the week not on how they feel about the amount of cilantro in the thai place down the street. I'd like to know how they prioritize their work in only 25 hours per week.

It's possible that I am just being a prick. But I don't think that I'm bagging on boss types just to score points.

I'd like to hear about an administrator who has managed to get their staff more money. There are public libraries that are scratch-building catalog search boxes nested in web browsers. Let's have a chat with the dude that came up with that.

I'm tired of reading the same article every year. I'm tired of never reading about the things that we actually talk about.

I'm totally with you there! However, I'm a little sick of the back-patting and happy awards. Having worked for some really bad bosses (and there's nothing wrong with bashing the bad ones), I'd like to see the Worst Director of the Year award. I would nominate our last director and would love someone to track him down and find out what lame temp job he's doing now after his ass got fired. I'd love to see an exposé on his antics and money-hiding techniques, not to mention all the women he's touched inappropriately. Now that's an award I could stand behind!
Come now, what do you expect from the Association of Library Administrators? Do you think they're going to issue an award to someone who can't even afford to attend their conferences?
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