Monday, January 30, 2006


The Sugar, Lard, Butter-fat and Whiskey Cookbook

I had a patron ask if we could buy "The Cut the Sugar Cookbook."

We have a lot of older folks that use us and in a town of rich people who exercise, well, it's not a great galloping surprise someone would want to read it.

When I saw the request for a minute I thought it was called "The Sugar Cookbook." I thought: How rad. Finally, someone embracing the gluttony involved in cooking. None of this egg-white bullshit. No applesauce sweetened vegan chocolate cake. A cookbook with balls.

I would be pleased to buy the following cookbooks if they existed --

"You Can Totally Fry That"

"Okay, Now Wrap It In Bacon. Sweet."

"Desserts That Are Like Fucking Tar Heroin"

"Canola Oil? What Are You, A Communist?"

"Say It With Pan-Drippings"

"Lipid: The Official Cookbook of the National Association of Pastry Chefs"

This blog is so funny! I'm a young librarian and there are times when I'd love to tell the "shoosh" generation that the internet is not going to render us obsolete. :) Keep up the blogging it makes my time on the reference desk less headache inducing.
Thanks for visiting. It's my pleasure.
Give it time. In a few years there will be an all sugar fad diet, I'm sure. Once they conclusively determine and admit that aspartame and Splenda are killing people and destroying the ozone layer, as well as poisoning the water supply. At least, I hope for that.
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