Friday, February 17, 2006


Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

The Director of the Newton (MA) Public Library drew heat (see below) for asking FBI agents to have a warrant to seize the library's computers.

The Washington Post gives us an excellent reminder of how librarians can keep the "law" in "law and order.

Homeland Security Porn Police. That's the line you two want to go with? Isn't there Merry-Go-Round at the mall being left unguarded right now?

DAMMIT! I had a lengthy post to go up today (I pre-write) about porn, libraries and how I support your right to watch porn. (Not you, but everyone.) It's about three pages long and you just said it all in this short post. DAMMIT!

Oh, and I'm working on making that Freedom Fighter T-shirt right now. Having trouble deciding on a font, but it's getting made and I'm going to wear it.
I wonder if people realise just how radical librarians really are?
And that they say "fuck"? (Often.)

Probably just as well, specially for you guys in the US. I don't know how you put up with it.

I made my freedom fighter T-shirt and opened my cafepress store. :) More to be added shortly.
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