Thursday, February 23, 2006


Professional development courses that should be required for all librarians

Buy New Clothes.
We will familiarize participants with easy-to-remember tricks like "New President? New Pants." We will also discuss wearing different outfits on different days.

Eye Contact.
Contrary to popular opinion looking at people will not cause rickets, cholera, dropsy, athlete's head, gout, The Wasting or scrufula.

TV: There are other channels besides Sci-Fi and PBS.

Librarians at Happyville need a class on alphabetizing.

Tonight a patron with the last name LOPEZ came in, swearing she called earlier and had a movie set aside for her. No one could find it. The movie was found in the last names starting with R.

Oh, and another class should be given about getting correct information from patrons, because this movie was set aside for someone named POREC? Lopez? Porec? Yeah... okay... someone had other things on their mind during that phone call.
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