Monday, February 13, 2006


Want to know why the rest of the country thinks liberals are crazy?

Look no further than SUPERbold.

SB is an organization that opposes the use of RFID chips in books at the Berkeley Public Library. They have three big reasons.

1) They claim it it is "potentially unheathful."

I hope it doesn't give you grammar cancer, because that shit would be unhealthful. Not like the portobellos I grow myself in that small patch behind the commune's compost heap.

Thinking that radio waves from RFID are harmful is like thinking that the radiation from stop lights is going to make your face rot off. A) How did you come to such a conclusion and B) Ever notice that it hasn't happened to anyone?

This is the kind of thing that people who are desperate to seem smarter and more aware than other people just LOVE talking about. Like I'm going to take science advice from someone who learned their chemistry from the label on a box of gluten-free cookies.

2) It threatens privacy. They maintain that RFID can be used to find patrons who have checked out a certain book so the Patriot Act Police can come gitcha.

We already have a system that tells you who has what books. It's called THE FUCKING COMPUTER AT THE LIBRARY! And that has the old-fashioned version of RFID is which is called, I think, YOUR FUCKING ADDRESS!

It's not really feasible (yet) to track things with RFID outside of a stable enviroment like a store or library. But it could work. On the other hand, is this the biggest problem you can find to work on? This isn't even the biggest problem for libraries.

3) It's a waste of tax dollars. Berkeley is strapped for cash, as are a lot of cities. SB thinks that RFID costs too much and they may have a point. They also say that the technology might replace union workers and they may have a point.

Here's my point: Butt out. Yeah, it's your library. But the Sisters run it. We try to have as many of the items and services that you want. We try to be open hours and locations where you can use us. But you're not in charge. I'm trained to run this place, not you. Who asked you to weigh in on our planning process with your uninformed opinion? Probably the same person who asked you block up the whole aisle at the grocery store while you and your home-schooled nimrod browse for "just the right kind of spirulina."

You're in charge of putting lengthy, clumsy bumperstickers on your car. I'm in charge of the library.

As a liberal, I have to object and say that not all liberals are that stupid. It's like the morons opposed to genetically enhanced produce. There are paranoid freaks in all political factions, although I think the liberals get blamed for the more hippy-like views.

People have got to realize that the library, of all places, isn't out to turn you in to the government for treason because you read a Russian cookbook. I work in a library and I am a Freedom Fighter! I need a T-shirt with this on it.
I was raised, and still am, a stone-cold Lyndon Johnson, FRD Democrat.

The folks of which I speak make the rest of us look like tree-hugging, dirt-munching, crystal-deodorant using nimrods.

You do need that t-shirt.
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